Friday, February 17, 2012

Who is next ruler of China?

I expect that the years 2012 and 2013 will become very interesting for the Asian region, as China will appoint a new general secretary for the Communist Party this year, and a new president of the People's Republic next year. (Something that only happens once in a decade).

So who will be the one to be assigned those roles? It is expected to be Xi Jinping, the current Vice President.

With such a major event happening in our near future, I think we all need to have some background information about this potential new leader of one of the most powerful countries in this region.

Xi Jinping was only 15 years old, when in 1969 the supporters of Mao Tse-tung sent him to Liangjiahe, a village the middle of China where he needed work in a farm. His parents were high in the party hierarchy and therefore seen as "suspicious", and measures needed to be taken such as relocation. He worked at a pig's farm for little over 7 years.

During his 7 years in Liangjiahe, Xi worked his way into the graces of the Communist Party, using his intelligence and keeping himself away from privileges. For example, once when he was assigned a larger room than he was entitled, he refused. Safety first, and don't give any room for your enemies.

He is seen as the perfect and therefore unnoticeable Chinese ruler. But nevertheless, his daughter is studying at Harvard and his wife is a very famous folk singer in China.

The L.A. times has posted an interesting article about this man, who is expected to rule China for the coming 10 years.

Read the article here.


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