Monday, February 27, 2012

Chinese Creativity... Part 2

On my way to our factory in Shenzhen I recently came across this fellow, who obviously didn't want to drive more than once to deliver his packages.

Click on the image to zoom in

I hope he is not the same guy that shipped my boxes from The Netherlands to Hong Kong last year. (99% of my glassware got broken...Thank you!)

If it's him, I guess he took a corner too fast and tipped over...


  1. Hee hee ........... well~ Mainland Chinese people are amazing =) Beside what you saw, they can also put their whole family on one motorbike! I saw once .......... 2 adults + 2 kids on one motorbike!!!!!!!!! Well, or I know one clue ......... probably they know Kung fu!

    It's quite hard to imagine ..... sometimes~ right?!

    1. Haha yeah, they are quite amazing indeed! That's why I call it Chinese Creativity, they always find creative ways to solve problems!

      I've seen the motorbike with 4 people as well, but unfortunately I didn't bring my camera back than! Hope to catch them again some day :-)

  2. will also see this kind of "stunts"in the Philippines - i guess its safe to say Asian ingenuity"?

    Have fun and keep in touch!

    1. Haha yes, I guess I should call it that! It's not only the Chinese who can do such creative things :-)