Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hong Kong Accelerate - The beautiful side of the city

Madison, the founder of the company Spot on Idea recently sent us a link of his new video project.

In his video he shows us the 24 hour non-stop Hong Kong life with its crazy traffic, rushing people and ever ongoing construction work.

Why I am posting this video?

Because the video is shot in such a way that below the surface of this dirty, overcrowded and stressful city, a beautiful pattern will reveal itself. In other words, when you look at Hong Kong from another perspective, you will definitely see the beauty of it all.

This video gives you an impression of how I felt after visiting Hong Kong for the first time.
During that first visit I made up my mind: I'm definitely going to live there and experience it all!

Take a look, and you will see what I mean.
Please watch it full screen(!)

Hong Kong Accelerate from Spot On Idea on Vimeo.

(Ps. this is not a sponsored link.)


  1. Fascinating the way everything moves as if were toys, like a railway train in small scale.

    1. Yeah, but it is exactly how you feel here sometimes. Just a tiny part of this city of millions.