Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chinese Creativity... Part 7

My friend Scott recently sent me a photo which exactly falls into what I call "Chinese Creativity".

Scott is originally from The USA, but is living already for over 8 years in Shenzhen where he works as a successful expat for an international enterprise.

His luxurious apartment is what I should say beyond the average what you will find in Shenzhen, but nevertheless, he discovered that even on such a location you can have some very creative neighbors.

A few days ago was preparing to go to work. He put on his shoes and opened his apartment door to leave, until he suddenly noticed something weird hanging in the corridor outside his apartment.

Who hung his laundry out there? Oh... it's not laundry... it's...

Dried Meat!

... Very interesting to find Duck, Pork, Goose and other undefinable dead meat hanging next to your apartment door...

It turned out that his Chinese neighbors were using the draining pipe to hang their freshly prepared meat out to dry in the sun. As the Chinese new year is coming, they are probably preparing for a great family feast.

Anyway, it would be better if they would choose a better location next time, don't you think so?